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Corporate Massage Services

Massage in the work place has numerous benefits for employers and employees alike.  Many types of companies nowadays are turning to massage and holistic therapies to aid in increasing productivity, stimulating energy and motivation.


Stress is now widespread with 1 in 5 people suffering stress in the workplace at any one time. The majority of people deal with stress when it is too late, when it reaches a point that they can no longer function properly and they need to spend weeks, months or possibly years off work to recover. The cost of workplace stress on British Industry, the economy and society is between £3.7 and £3.8 billion each year.

​On-site massage and holistic therapies provide a cost effective and powerful option for preventative health care giving an immediate reduction in stress, strengthening of the immune system and relief from muscular tension for your employees.

Seated Acupressure Massage


A specially developed acupressure seated massage routine is designed to achieve results quickly and effectively and finishes in an invigorating way so that your staff feel relaxed yet charged with energy and ready to get right back into a productive day. We use a special ergonomically designed seated massage chair and the massage is conducted over the clothing without oils.

Indian Head Massage

This treatment uses various massage techniques; shiatsu and acupressure, working on the upper back, arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face. There are many benefits from Indian Head Massage. For example; relieves muscle tension and improves mobility in in the upper body and neck, relaxes the body so improving mental concentration, relieves eyestrain and reduces congestion and a number of sinus related problems.

Reiki & Seichem Healing

Reiki promotes and accelerates the body's 'own natural healing' process. Reiki healing is very powerful working on many levels, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual it also promotes deep relaxation.


The reiki practitioner places their hands on or above the clients' body from head to toe in various positions. The energies pass through the Practitioner and into the clients' body. Reiki does not harm in any way as the energy always goes to where the healing is needed. Plants and animals also respond well to reiki.

Sessions can last from 10-30 minutes, depending on your requirements. Establishing a regular on-site massage programme at your workplace has excellent benefits for both employers and employees. 

Benefits for you as an employer:

  • Affordable and highly effective therapies

  • Can help in reducing the number of sick days

  • Creates a happier working environment

  • Demonstrates management's commitment and support to staff

  • Employees become revitalised and focused

  • Greater creativity from more inspired team members

  • Convenient as there is no need to leave the workplace

  • Raises morale by making employees feel valued


Benefits for your employees:

  • Aids concentration, alertness and vitality

  • Feel valued by their employer

  • Gives a sense of overall wellbeing

  • Assists with the prevention of long term problems such as headaches, eye strain and insomnia

  • Helps with the prevention of repetitive strain injuries

  • Provides instant release of neck and shoulder stiffness, backache and muscular tension

  • Reduces stress and tension

  • Revitalises, energises, refreshes and relaxes

  • Soothes nervous system and improves blood circulation

  • Improves lymphatic flow boosting the immune system 

We were delighted to have Julie to come to our offices in Highcliffe to massage the staff. She is very professional in every way and her massages were first class! We would recommend her to other businesses who want to give their staff something a little bit special!"

Mr T Bennett - Director, ICHF Ltd, Highcliffe, Dorset

I was fortunate enough to receive a wonderful arm and shoulder massage from Julie that certainly relieved and reinvigorated my whole self - as a work perk this was very appreciated and a great idea as everyone who had one said how good it was! I hope that we manage to get you back soon.... thanks very much.

Ben - ICHF Ltd, Highcliffe, Dorset

Thank you for the head massage treatment that you gave me in April. I was impressed by your professionalism and found the massage very relaxing and beneficial. In fact the slight headache that I had when I went in had gone by the end of the session. I would definitely recommend your treatments.

Elaine - ICHF Ltd, Highcliffe, Dorset

"I arranged for Julie to come into my place of work to do a series of mini treatments for staff. Not only were all the treatments booked up straight away, people have asked when Julie is due to come back as everyone thoroughly enjoyed their treatments. So thank you Julie, you were fantastic and all the people who all had treatments thoroughly enjoyed them."

Claire - Event Coordinator, English Heritage, Swindon, Wiltshire

The cost of on-site massage or for attending a corporate event will depend on the number of people and the time involved. For a free quotation please call or email the details of your event or requirements to 01202 923202/ 07872 633903 or

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