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Consultations, Contraindications and Contra-Actions




Confidential consultations will be undertaken for all treatments.  On your initial visit, a full consultation will be undertaken. They usually take about 10 minutes and this is to help us understand a bit more about your current health, wellbeing and lifestyle in order that treatment and aftercare can be given, which is appropriate and relevant to you. All consultations and personal information are kept in accordance with current Data Protection Act laws.  We are registered under our parent company Holistic Zone Training Academy ICO No ZA414773.



There are some circumstances where it will not be appropriate for you to receive a treatment.  These are called “contraindications” to treatment and depending on what type of the contraindication, will depend on whether treatment can proceed.  Contraindications can be either total/restricted where treatment cannot proceed or medical permission is required whereby treatment can proceed with your GP’s permission, or a contraindication can be local where treatment can proceed but avoiding that particular area. The following list gives an indication of contraindications but is not an exhaustive list.  Please call me to discuss further if something isn’t on the list below and you have a concern.


Total contraindications - Treatment cannot take place

Any communicable diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis, chicken pox, mumps, colds and flu

Blood infections

Cancer (except for palliative care with GP/specialist approval)

Eye infection e.g. conjunctivitis (facial treatments/Indian head massage only)

First trimester of pregnancy (except reiki)

Frequent allergic reactions (aromatherapy treatments)

High temperature/fever

Hyper sensitive skin (unless area can be avoided)

If you are under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs

If you have suffered an injury or trauma within twenty-four hours

Liver conditions e.g. chronic hepatitis

Lung abscess/tumour


Severe widespread psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis

Skin disorders such as bacterial (impetigo), viral (herpes simplex), fungal (tinea)


Medical approval in writing required - Consult/GP/Specialist


Any serious skin complaint

Cardio-vascular conditions (thrombosis, phlebitis, heart conditions)

Endocrine disorders (network of glands that produce and release hormones e.g. Adrenal, Pituitary)

Extreme high or low blood pressure (not being treated with medication)

Heart problems, angina, those with pacemakers



Severe pain

Severe swelling


If you are being medically treated by your GP/Specialist for any serious conditions, please ensure that you get written approval before your treatment.


Special care areas and localised avoidance

A heavy meal

Allergic reactions

Broken bones

Bruises, cuts, grazes, open, skin, rashes, bites, stings, wounds, burns


Diarrhoea or constipation

Localised swelling

Lumps, bumps


Pregnancy (post first trimester)

Pustular acne



Sun burn

Varicose veins



Everyone’s experience of a treatment is individual and unique and therefore reactions to any complementary therapy treatments will be too.  In some circumstances you may find that after treatment, you notice you are hungrier or thirstier, or you may need to go to the toilet more often, you get a headache, or you feel more emotional, or tired.  Such reactions are known as contra-actions or healing crisis to treatment and they are nothing to worry about.  It is your body trying to reach homeostasis and any reaction should disappear within 24-48 hours. They should then be replaced by a feeling of vitality and well-being after the body has re-balanced itself. 

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